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  • What is Evanston Made and it's relationship to Shop Evanston Made?
    We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to produce year-round events, exhibitions, social events, and workshops with the intent to engage  artists and the public in the arts. Shop Evanston Made is our ecommerce initiative to further promote our member's work to the public and create sales opportunities.
  • When do ShopEvanstonMade (SEM) sellers get paid?
    Payment for sales made and fulfilled are paid by bank check or Zelle at the end of each month.  For questions regarding a payment please email liz at
  • What is the commission structure of
    Evanston Made retains a 30% commission for operation, maintenance and support for our Shop Evanston Made platform. If shipping is charged, the shipping cost collected goes to the artist.  No commission is charges on shipping or taxes.  Evanston Made is responsible for payment of Illinois sales tax on all sales.
  • Are there any products not allowed on Shop Evanston Made?
    The admin reserves the right to remove any products deemed to be offensive, dangerous, or destructive to the public emotionally or physically. Additionally, all products must be handmade by the artist.
  • Is there a limit to products a vendor can add to their shop?
    Vendors can add up to 20 products. We ask that sellers keep their inventory updated, deleting sold items unless the out of stock is temporary.
  • What shipping options are offered to customers?
    • Free delivery/pick up for item within 10 miles of 1100 Florence

    • USPS - First Class Mail and Priority Mail

    • UPS - Ground & Next Day

    • Shipping fees are set up based on flat rates determined by size/weight and distance of shipment
    • Artists are responsible for filling out the appropriate size/weight (packaged sizes and weight) in the product listing.
  • What happens when shipping is charged to customer?
    SEM collects shipping charges and pays to the artist.
    Make sure you're products have weight attached to them and estimate this based on PACKED to SHIP weights.
    ie. if a mug weighs 1.2 lbs, it will be at least double that when packed to ship. So weight should be listed as 2.4 lbs.
    The description of your item should have it's actual weight listed. 

    Flat rates below:

  • Looking for the Uploading products checklist?


    1- The first screen:  put in your email address and create a password.

    2- Fill out the basic profile info requested.

    3- To add products, go to the Products dropdown and click product listing.

    4- Big green button says +ADD PRODUCTS- Click and follow the list below.


    Shopify is very user friendly but if you get stuck, let us know! 

    Once you are ready to add products review this checklist to make sure you’ve added all the info necessary. 

    Here’s a Shopify Checklist for vendors:

    1. Leave first box Normal Product
    2. Add product name
    3. Choose product from drop down selection
    4. Add your description as you like
    5. Add tags as you want (tags aid search function)
    6. Add weight
    7. Add price
    8. Add SKU if you want/not necessary
    9. DO NOT add anything in Barcode line. That’s generated by the system
    10. Add inventory**. AT LEAST 1
    11. Add images (1 at a time)
    12. Choose price collection (ie., category) and any others that fit your product (ie, painting, photography, etc.)
    13. Leave “charge taxes” checked.
    14. Add weight - AS in what it would weigh if packaged to ship. (Flat rate shipping applies outside a 12 mile radius)
    15. Free local delivery is within 12 mile radius.
    16. Save changes!  BIG GREEN SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

    If your product has variants and you are not sure how to proceed, please reach out to

    ** You must add at least 1 in the quantity line, otherwise it will show as Sold Out.

    Other Info:  EM  retains 30% commission. EM collects and pays Illinois (cook county) sales tax of 10.25% per the law.

    Any shipping charges collected for out of town/out of state sales reverts to the artist.

    Payment is made by Liz at the end of each month for the prior month’s fulfilled sales via bank check or Zelle direct payment.

    Here again is the link to some basic info:

  • What's the deal with taxes is a part of Evanston Made, and we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Legally we must charge Illinois state sales tax on goods sold through our organization.
    We collect Illinois state sales tax- which in Cook County is 10.25%- and we pay that sales tax back to the state for our artists.
    You do not have to claim or pay it for your sales through us.
  • Where do I get help if I'm having an issue or have additional questions?
    Please email Liz at